Know our Community

Meet the Artisans

Sunita Mouni

Sunita Didi is our local manager and a very strong lady indeed. She manages everything at our manufacturing unit of Uttarakhand.

From quality check, record maintenance to team building, she is a jack of all trades.

Her time management skills are top notch and you will see bugging others if the product is not submitted on time. She is an avid learner, full of motivation who took writing classes with us in this age.

She is one of the main pillars of Pirul.


Neema Bhatt

Neema is a young and smart woman who grasps things very quickly.

She is artistic and is always motivated to work and thus meets tight deadlines.

She is a keen observer and will always cheer others up. Neema ideates different products and will come up with new designs in her free time.

Meena Mahra

Our most affable Artisan, Meena! She is very active and is positive all the time.

You give her a thing, and Meena will definitely come up with a product whenever asked.

She is confident and loves working in a team.

The quantity and finishing that she delivers is to the point and her products never usually get rejected.

She is our mood booster.


Madhuri Devi

Madhu is a quick learner and very young.

Having to get married early, nothing stopped her from doing what she wanted to.

Associated with us, Madhu di is a creative person and has excelled coiling techniques, resulting in ultimate finishing in the products she makes.

Madhu is willing to expand her knowledge and believes in working hard.

Geeta Oli

Geeta di, a multitasker and a mother of two.

A very fine Artisan who will always cherish our new designs and give us suggestions on how we can make it better.

She manages her home along with agricultural activities and earns a living by working with us.

We look upon her as a great source of inspiration.



Usha, a very notorious girl, who keeps laughing and jumping everywhere all the time.

During her working hours, she will snatch a girl to pluck some fresh fruits and continue making the products.

She is energetic and a very good Artisan to work with.

Deepa Fartyal

Deepa di, is one of our oldest Artisans from the very initial days.

She is a soft person who has creative hands and a magic power of making anything absolutely beautiful.

Deepa di, works hard and strives to be a master Artisan one day.


Mansi Mahra

Mansi di, a very enthusiastic Artisan who loves talking a lot.

She is a hardworking woman, who values her time.

She understands business a bit and thus never fails to give timely deliveries.

She is experimental with her style and will never say no to anything.

A very welcoming being who will definitely offer you a cup of tea if you pass by her house.

Pushpa Joshi

Pushpa di is a soft hearted being who doesn't talk much and is one of those, who just works.

She took some time to learn, but the perseverance and consistency in learning can be observed in the products she makes.



Our new Artisan who learned the craft in just 2 days and now has achieved ultimate finishing.

She is a quiet introvert who makes beautiful products.

She is confident and is now well versed with the technique.

Give her a glimpse and she will show up with the exact product with accurate measurements.